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We are Margaret and Alan Burney.

Now, call us old fashioned, but we still believe that our customers come first. Our telephones are always answered by a real person, and you will receive informative, courteous answers to each and every question you might have.

We personally invest ourselves into every project we take part of.

OUR MISSION: Exceed your expectation each time, every time.



No big overhead. We don't have to pay for big advertising campaigns. big showrooms, or huge fleets of trucks and we don't think you should have to either! We bring our store to your home and you get the best price the first time!

Saves you time. We keep ourselves current on the latest industry trends and materials, giving you a broad spectrum of options to choose from when it comes to improving your home. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

We keep you informed every step of the way. You will know what to expect including time lines, before, during, and after the installation of your project.

No surprises. Everything we do is going to be run by you first. We don't make a mess and expect you to do the cleaning. Surprises are for birthdays, not home improvement projects. Have a question on anything? We are all ears. We believe in an open line of communication.

Only using the best and professional installers. We pride ourselves in the work we do and make it a top priority to find workers that will meet our top quality expectations. We maintain and leave a safe, clean work site. And of course, we take care of all documentation and building permits for you. backed by our one year workmanship warranty on every project!

We also follow-up with an exit interview and a complete quality control inspection.

We aren't happy until we know that you're happy!

Bottom line: We say what we mean. We do what we say.

A.M. Burney Exteriors, Inc.

"Revolutionizing Service."

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